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For over 20 years our consultants have been surveying commercial, industrial and domestic clients throughout the South East and London.

Detailed Asbestos Surveys in East Finchley and the surrounding areas

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Refurbishment and Management Surveys Include:

  • The address of the building
  • Areas included
  • Type of survey
  • Location of the ACM (floor number, room identifier, building identifier and position in the space)
  • Level of identification (strongly presumed, confirmed, presumed)
  • How likely the extent of the vulnerability/accessibility
  • The type of asbestos present
  • The quantity of ACM present
  • The condition of identified ACM
  • The material risk assessment score (high, medium, low or very low)
  • Product type – wall panels, thermal insulation, floor tiles, ceiling tiles etc
  • The action recommended to reduce the risk of exposure to an acceptable level.

Bulk Sampling

If it is thought that there is any material within the building that might contain asbestos then please contact us.  The sooner this is done, the sooner the area can be tested. It is often the case that we can sample a specific item and a full survey may not be necessary. We can extract samples from a suspect material to confirm if asbestos is present. We send samples to be analysed by a UKAS accredited laboratory in accordance with HSG248 and a bulk sample report will be provided on completion of analysing.


To comply with CAR2012 Regulation 4, suspected Asbestos Containing material has to be re-inspected and assessed periodically to assess that it has not been damaged or deteriorated.

The frequencies of inspections will depend on the ACM’s location and factors like the condition i.e. changes to maintenance programs, new employees or tenants, activity in the building and non-occupancy.

The information from the re-inspection surveys will enable the management plan to be updated.

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