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Asbestos Survey in Braintree

Located in the heart of Essex, our asbestos survey team in Braintree operates across the surrounding towns and countryside locations – working to provide homeowners, developers, and business owners with the peace of mind and health and safety assurance that their properties are safe and structurally sound.

The fact is, while asbestos has been banned in construction in the UK since 1990, it remains one of the most dangerous materials that is commonly found in older properties – with its high insulating qualities once making it the go-to material of choice in walls, roofs, and around pipe networks and systems. An asbestos survey is a comprehensive way of identifying, isolating, assessing, and creating an ongoing management plan regarding the state of asbestos in a building – with our team prepped and ready to respond to enquiries quickly and with the highest level of professionalism.

What is an asbestos survey?

Many people know about the dangers of asbestos when it is breathed in, but how does it get to that point?

As part of an asbestos survey, our team of experts will first identify any material present and then conduct a thorough assessment to ascertain what state the asbestos is in and whether it poses a health risk to those who occupy, use, or live in the building.

A crucial part of the upkeep of any building, private, residential, or commercial, asbestos surveys are all about ensuring that the material is being handled correctly – with our asbestos removal in Braintree the next step for those who find their asbestos is disintegrating or in light of renovation and demolition work.

There are two main types of asbestos survey that we offer to the residents and business owners of Braintree: An asbestos management survey, which assesses the presence of asbestos and then works to determine its structural integrity and the potential harm it could cause. This is the recommended survey type for buildings where asbestos levels are high and where there is a chance that inhabiting the building could unsettle the material and release fibres into the air. The results of this survey will lead to either an asbestos removal service or ongoing monitoring and surveys. The second type of survey is an asbestos renovation and removal survey, which spotlights any asbestos and ensures that it is effectively and safely removed prior to work being done on a building or structure.

What do I do next?

If you are concerned about the potential or confirmed presence of asbestos in your property, no matter how big or small the issue, our team are here to provide you with a professional service, advice, and the peace of mind that your property is being safely managed. For more information and to receive a tailored quote, get in touch with our asbestos survey team in Braintree today.

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