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Asbestos Surveys in Dover

Whether your property is residential, commercial, or industrial in nature, it may require an asbestos survey carried out if it was built before 1999. This was the year that asbestos became illegal, which means that buildings constructed before then may still contain asbestos-containing materials (ACMs).

At South East Asbestos Surveys, we’ve been carrying out asbestos testing in Dover for many years, becoming well-known throughout the area for our professional, cost-effective services. Our asbestos surveyors have a wealth of expertise at hand, allowing us to conduct detailed surveys tailored to the specific needs of your property.

What is asbestos and how dangerous is it?

A naturally occurring mineral, asbestos had been used in the construction industry for thousands of years due to its incredible durability and heat resistance. The material was used to make insulation, roofing, flooring, and even cement products. However, despite its usefulness in construction, asbestos poses considerable health risks.

When the material is disturbed or damaged, it releases fibres, which can lead to severe lung conditions and a cancer known as mesothelioma when inhaled. Symptoms of these illnesses often appear decades after exposure. Asbestos can be incredibly dangerous if it’s not handled properly, potentially putting the lives of a building’s occupants at risk. Book an asbestos survey in Dover now and ensure the safety of your property and everyone in it.

What does an asbestos survey involve?

An asbestos survey involves a detailed examination of a property to identify any asbestos-containing materials within its structure. Our fully trained surveyors will conduct the survey, assessing various areas and materials which could potentially contain asbestos. Samples of suspected materials may be collected and then sent to a laboratory so they can be analysed to confirm the presence and type of asbestos present. The condition of the ACMs will be carefully assessed, evaluating the level of risk they present. A comprehensive report will be created, outlining the type, location, and condition of the asbestos, as well as recommendations for its management or removal.


Do I need an asbestos survey?

If your property was built before 1999 when asbestos was banned, your building may require a survey. Many buildings constructed before then still contain this harmful material, potentially posing health risks if disturbed. If you plan on having renovation or demolition work carried out that could disturb the building’s structure, finding out if ACMs are present is particularly crucial.

Not all ACMs need to be removed immediately if they’re in good condition and undisturbed. However, they should be monitored, with proper management strategies in place to prevent any potential hazards. Our surveyors can assess their condition and location, providing expert guidance on managing or removing them to ensure the safety of occupants.

To arrange asbestos testing or asbestos removal in Dover, contact our team today. You can reach us by calling 07872 054963 or emailing Our fully trained asbestos specialists are on hand to answer all your questions right now.

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