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Asbestos Survey in Herts

Operating in the Herts area and beyond, our asbestos survey team are experts in ensuring that residential, private, and commercial properties are safe – whether they’re undergoing renovation, extension work, or becoming home to a new family. With both our management and demolition surveys available efficiently and at a cost effective price, it has never been easier to tick the health and safety box and give yourself the peace of mind that asbestos – a substance which has been banned in the UK construction market since the 1990s – is well contained or removed completely.

Everything you need to know about asbestos

Once a popular and commonly used material in insulating for the construction industry, asbestos was found to be linked with respiratory conditions and ongoing life changing ailments. Since the 1990s it has been banned, however due to its extensive use before then, many older properties still have the material present and active in their structure – not just in the walls but also around pipe networks and in the roof. When intact, asbestos can be safely managed – however when the material starts to break apart the fibres are released into the air. This is when asbestos become dangerous and is when our asbestos removal service in Herts is engaged.
Asbestos Surveys In Essex
There are two main types of survey that we conduct. The first is an asbestos management survey which identifies the presence of the material and then assesses its stability and structure to make sure that it is not breaking down and being released into the air. If the substance is deemed to be safe and secure, then it can be monitored regularly – if not then it will require safe and efficient removal. The second type of survey we offer is an asbestos renovation and demolition survey – working to safely isolate and remove all presence of asbestos before work can begin on a property.

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Which survey do I need?

Whether or not you need an asbestos survey will first depend on the age of your property and will then depend on the intended use for your property. Commercial buildings all need to undergo an asbestos survey and register the results, while residential property owners are advised to book and complete a survey for the peace of mind and safety of the property’s occupants. Our team are here to advise and help, with one of our consultants able to visit your property and share their recommendations as soon as possible after receiving your enquiry. If you live in Herts and feel concerned about the status of your property, or are not sure what age the building is, then please get in touch. You do not need to be able to confirm the presence of asbestos in order to book a survey, and our team are always here to help.

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