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Asbestos Survey in Kensington

It’s time to take health and safety into your own hands, with an asbestos survey in Kensington.

An area of central London which is celebrated and renowned for its high end boutiques and stunning examples of traditional and modern architecture, Kensington is an area rife with old period properties and structures which have withstood the test of time, changing styles, and interior upheaval. But one area that may not have fared so well is the insulation – most notably the presence of asbestos, which as a recognised harmful material could well be putting your health and safety at risk.

The fact is, over time asbestos weakens and starts to break down – and it is at this stage that it becomes hazardous, dangerous, and potentially life threatening. When asbestos breaks down, particles of the substance are released into the air – leading to respiratory illnesses and issues for those who breathe it in. Since these findings were realised, asbestos has become banned across all construction industries. But for those properties that were built prior to the ban coming into effect, the risk remains high – and that’s where our asbestos surveys come in.

If your home was built prior to 2000, or you own a property which you believe may contain or have been constructed with asbestos, read on because here’s everything you need to know.

Our asbestos surveys in Kensington

Our asbestos surveys in Kensington fall into two categories, one of which covers management while the other is a more comprehensive removals and disposal survey and service. If asbestos is found in your property during an initial survey but our team determine that it is still structurally sound and safe, then you will be presented with a report which outlines its location and makes recommendations for ongoing management and regular surveys. If any discovered asbestos is deemed to be problematic, or you are undertaking a survey as part of a renovation or demolition project, then your project will be upgraded to include our removals service.
Asbestos Surveys In Essex

What happens in an asbestos survey?

An asbestos survey involves an initial consultation, followed by a visit from our team. During this visit we will isolate all the asbestos present in the structure of your home or building, before assessing its stability. If the asbestos is found to be in good, stable condition then you will be presented with an ongoing management report. This will outline the need for future surveys and checks.

Alternatively, if the asbestos is damaged or in danger of breaking up and releasing particles into the air, it will be progressed to our asbestos removal Islington service – whereby we will safely remove and dispose of the material in full. If you are undertaking renovation or demolition work, asbestos removal is a regulatory requirement as part of the preparation process.

For more information on our asbestos surveys, our asbestos removal service in Islington, and to find out whether your property falls under the at-risk category in terms of buildings which are likely to contain asbestos, reach out to us directly.

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