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Asbestos Survey in Maldon

A seaside town on the Dengie of Essex, Maldon is the kind of town where every step feels like a walk through history – with the traditional docks, the classic Essex weather-boarding, and the independent boutique shops and businesses nurturing a very close knit community feel. And while securing a traditional home in Maldon can seem like hitting the jackpot, there are certain things that buyers and homeowners should be aware of prior to moving into an older property, with asbestos surveys an integral part of any homeowner survey.

The importance of asbestos survey

Once a popular and commonly used material in the construction industry, asbestos boasts a high insulating property which made it a mainstay in pipework, rooves and walls. However, when it was discovered that asbestos is directly linked with a series of debilitating and serious health conditions and ailments, the material was banned in construction and everyday use. Because of this, any property built since 2000 is generally safe from the influence of asbestos, however those built prior to the millennium may well have asbestos present and so need a survey to determine the presence and stability of the material. The results of these surveys can provide peace of mind and a comprehensive plan for homeowners with or without the presence of asbestos – with different options available as detailed below.

How our asbestos surveys work

When you get an asbestos survey in Maldon, our team will be with you efficiently – completing a full review of the property and isolating the presence of asbestos before drawing up a conclusion based on its stability. For asbestos management surveys, the property can be occupied at the time of the survey – with the subsequent report detailing the best course of action to ensure the ongoing safety of occupants. In the case of an asbestos removal or demolition survey, the property must be fully vacated at the time of the survey. This survey is a requirement for any company or person carrying out demolition or renovation work on a property which was built prior to 2000.

What’s next?

Once the survey has been completed, our team will be able to advise you directly on the best course of action – from frequent follow up surveys to more immediate action in removing any harmful substances and materials. To book your asbestos survey in Maldon, get in touch with the team directly today.

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