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Asbestos Survey in Romford

A town in Essex which has direct access to the city of London and to the countryside of Essex, Romford is somewhat of a commuters paradise – leading to a plethora of developments and new builds to supplement the existing villages and their rows of terraced and detached homes. Whether you’re a new build lover or one who dreams about a character property, Romford is a great place to call home. However, with regulations continuing to drive awareness of asbestos and its dangers to health when found unstable and broken up, knowing who to call to ensure that your own property is safe is key. Here at South East Asbestos Surveys, we offer our services across Romford and beyond – starting with a full consultation and then proceeding with an asbestos management survey or a demolition and renovation survey depending on what we find in our initial report.

How do asbestos surveys work?

You do not have to have evidence of asbestos in your property to book a survey or to get in touch with us. If your home or property was built prior to 2000 then there is a high chance that the insulation used could have contained or been made up of asbestos – with its quality and stability integral in understanding how safe it is. When you get in touch with, one of our consultants will be with you to survey the property within one working day – presenting you with a comprehensive report soon after which will detail any asbestos found and what you need to know about removing or managing it.
Asbestos Surveys In Essex
If the asbestos found is stable and intact, then you will likely be given an asbestos management report, which among other things will highlight the need for repeat surveys on a regular basis to ensure that the material is secure. If the asbestos is broken and residue is being released into the air, you will be moved towards an asbestos removal service which sees us enter the property and remove all traces of the material. Property owners should note that while asbestos surveys in Romford are recommended for all homeowners living in or owning older properties, they are a regulatory requirement for those carrying out demolition or renovation work. Without this report and proof of a survey, you will not be fully insured and may get in trouble with building regulations.

What to do next

If you live in Romford and want to book an asbestos survey (or asbestos removal if you already know about asbestos which is present in the fabric of your home), our team are here to help and advise where we can. With competitive rates and surveys which meet HSE regulations and standards, our service is both efficient and effective – giving you the peace of mind you need to know that your home and family are safe. Get in touch to book an asbestos survey today.

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