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Asbestos Survey in Suffolk

From town centre terraces and flat blocks to large semi-detached and detached homes in the rural countryside, asbestos is a material which, in its heyday, was used across all manner of commercial and residential building projects. The result today is that millions of property and homeowners are finding themselves managing the presence of asbestos – which has now proved to be a directly harmful material which can cause debilitating health conditions and illnesses.

But you’re not alone. Our team of asbestos removal and management experts are here to help, operating across Suffolk under two main survey types: Asbestos management survey – to establish the presence and stability of any asbestos Refurbishment/demolition survey – required by HSE regulations before any destructive work commences on an older property The best survey for your property will depend on your current and future plans for the property, with the latter survey often used for those seeking major works to the infrastructure and build of their property.

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The importance of Asbestos Surveys

It is widely understood that any property built prior to the 2000s may well be concealing the presence of asbestos, with the 1990s bringing into force a ban on the material across the UK. Prior to this, asbestos was a popular and commonly used material thanks to its insulating properties.

The main risks that come from asbestos arise when it breaks down into fibres which become airborne and are breathed in by residents and those using the building. Because of this, asbestos surveys are not only important for your own personal safety and peace of mind – they are also a legal requirement for commercial properties built before 2000 and are strongly recommended for private and residential homes that are about to undergo major work – to check that any asbestos is stable.

No matter your end goal or your existing concerns, our asbestos survey team in Suffolk are here to help – with every survey followed up with a comprehensive management plan or full removal service depending on what we find and how you wish to proceed.

How do I know if I need an Asbestos Survey?

Asbestos surveys are recommended for all property and homeowners whose buildings were constructed prior to 2000, when asbestos was considered a popular building material and insulator. While asbestos is not relegated to constructive use only – it is also present in car brakes, roof tiles, and around pipe insulators – our team largely work across the commercial and private properties of Suffolk to identify and ascertain the stability of asbestos that may be present. If your property was built before 2000, or you believe that your property may have asbestos present and would like the peace of mind of a full survey and management or removal plan, then our team are here to help. Simply get in touch today to receive a quote, and one of our consultants will be in touch within a few working days.

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