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Orchard Primary School

Orchard Primary School in Sidcup, Kent, contacted us to conduct an asbestos survey on the school grounds, and we were happy to assist. We had arrived at the school early to conduct the survey efficiently, ensuring that all health and safety precautions had been taken. The duty holders were extremely pleased with the service, commenting how efficiently the survey was carried out and how pleased they were with the aftercare / support that we offered to them.

We even provided guidance to school leaders and responsible bodies on asbestos management in the school, emphasising the importance of not damaging or disturbing asbestos-containing materials, as this could result in the release of asbestos fibres.

We ensured a peace of mind to duty holders that the school had met healthy and safety standards.

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October 27, 2022


Orchard Primary School


SE Asbestos Surveys

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At SE Asbestos Surveys Ltd we are qualified to inspect any property or building to ascertain the location & risk of asbestos based materials.

Covering Kent, Surrey, Essex, Sussex and Hampshire, our experienced team of asbestos experts will discuss your requirements onsite. We will then deliver a full report where we will outline all aspects of the survey and our recommendations for any removal of materials.

Asbestos Risk Assessment

  • Identify any risk to your health
  • Identify which people may be harmed by these risks
  • Identifying exact precautions which will remove or reduce the risks
  • Detailing the survey results and risks and implementing them
  • Reviewing and updating the ongoing risk assessment as required