What is an Asbestos Survey?

Asbestos surveys are a vital tool for those in construction and building management, as well as a variety of other industries. Asbestos surveys are required by law due to the high risks that asbestos materials present in buildings. An asbestos survey will include a range of important information, in this blog we will highlight the information you should see in an asbestos survey.

Information about your surveyor and the date

It is important to ensure you use a competent surveyor with experience of asbestos surveys as if your survey is not completed correctly or is inadequate the consequences can be disastrous. When you receive your asbestos survey report, ensure it includes the name of your surveyor as well as the company they represent and contact information. It is important this information is included, so you can contact your surveyor if you have any issues.

Executive summary 

The executive summary will give you a complete overview of your report and is a great way to get an understanding of your report in a bite size chunk.

Main findings

This section of the report will detail the key findings of the asbestos survey including the location of any asbestos-containing materials that could be damaged or disturbed by normal activity. Normal activity may include maintenance, installing new equipment or replacing pipes. It is important to ensure all asbestos-containing materials have been noted, so they can be monitored and reassessed in the future.


Your surveyor will include a list of recommendations in your asbestos survey report, this may include removing materials or getting materials checked out in greater detail. This is an important section of the report to read as some recommendation may need to be actioned for the building to be safe.

Any further actions

Any further action required will be detailed in this section, this may include additional actions that need to be completed in order for construction work to be carried out or for the building to be occupied again.

Details of the laboratory   

When your surveyor completes your survey they will take samples of any asbestos-containing materials to be tested. It is vital the name and contact details of the laboratory is included in your report, so you can contact them if necessary.

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