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Can you live in a house that has asbestos in?

Knowing how dangerous asbestos can be makes finding it in your home very scary. You are likely to have lots of questions running through your head about safety, we’ve got the answers to your questions, so if you are wondering whether it is safe to live in a home that has a presence of asbestos, continue reading.

Firstly, if you do think your home contains asbestos, don’t panic! Contact an asbestos survey or your local authority, who will also be able to provide you with guidance of the next steps to take.

Where is asbestos found in houses?

If you live in an older property that was built before 1999, there is a possibility that asbestos materials may have been used as in 1999, the UK government banned the use of asbestos containing materials. 

There are two main types of asbestos, firmly bound and loosely bound. Firmly bound asbestos materials include vinyl floor tiles, artificial brick cladding and vinyl floor tiles, to name a few. The second type of asbestos is loosely bound. Loosely bound asbestos containing materials include insulation for ceilings, heaters and hot water pipes.

Is it safe to leave the asbestos in my house undisturbed?

In short, yes if you don’t plan on carrying out any building or renovation work. Asbestos is only harmful when the fires are exposed, if asbestos is left undisturbed no airborne particles will be released. However, asbestos shouldn’t be ignored and you should contact an asbestos surveyor to carry out a survey. Head to our blog to find out which asbestos survey you will need. If you are planning any work in the new future, it is vital you get the asbestos removed by a qualified, licensed professional. If you do find asbestos in your home, it is always best to have the area inspected by professionals, as the effects of asbestos exposure can take up to 30 years to present themselves.

Can I remove the asbestos in my home myself?

Whilst it is not illegal to remove asbestos yourself, it is strongly advised against. We recommend hiring a qualified, experienced, professional to remove the asbestos in your home as lots of precautions need to be taken to minimise exposure. For example, protective clothing should be worn along with gloves and a mask with a special filter cartridge that traps asbestos fibres. All surfaces should be covered with plastic sheets to catch any loose fibres, and any asbestos containing materials must be disposed off correctly by a licensed professional. Asbestos is a dangerous material when handled incorrectly and should be handled by those with the correct qualifications to ensure minimal exposure.

Who can help me remove asbestos?

After conducting a survey to confirm whether asbestos is present, contact a professional asbestos remover. For further information on who is best to help you remove asbestos from your home, please see our blog on ‘How to choose an asbestos removal company’. We are always happy to advise and answer any questions you may have about the presence of asbestos in your home, so please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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