Asbestos Survey & Removal For Hotel & Leisure

Once a popular and commonly used substance in construction and the insulation of buildings around the world, asbestos has now been banned from use in housing materials and buildings of all shapes and sizes – with strict laws in place designed to protect the public from exposure to the harmful substance.

Of course, here in the UK, we pride ourselves on populating and renovating buildings which have been standing for far longer than the twenty years that such laws have been in place, with the hotel and leisure industry both making regular use of old, listed, and architecturally impressive buildings. What this means is that asbestos surveys in hotels – and subsequent asbestos removal – is big business. Here’s how it works.

How do you know if asbestos is present in your hotel?

In its heyday, asbestos was used in the inner structure of walls and ceilings and was also used to insulate pipes among other areas of a property’s interior structure. If your hotel or leisure building was built before 2000, the chances are high that asbestos is present – with building regulations and laws specifying that buildings which are open to the public must be deemed safe from the presence of asbestos in the air.

As such, engaging in an asbestos survey for your hotel is crucial to ensuring that you can manage any renovation or construction work safely. When you get in touch with the team at South East Asbestos, we will visit your site in record time and complete an initial consultation and survey to determine if asbestos is present.

Homeowners and property managers will also need to complete an asbestos survey prior to any demolition or renovation work being carried out on an older property – with our asbestos survey team in Essex able to complete a refurbishment/demolition survey with comprehensive advice regarding asbestos removal or management and remediation.

Every survey produces different results, and it is advised that you get in touch with any questions or concerns about the process and the safety measures in your own home or property in Essex.

The asbestos removal process in hotels

From there we will assess its stability and structure, creating either a management report or progressing your case through to a full asbestos removal service. If removal is required, our team will ensure minimal disruption to your business, safely removing and disposing of the material before it can cause any damage to guests or your inhouse staff. A survey is also required if you are undertaking any renovation or construction work, with any asbestos found to be removed in full before work can commence.

Hotel owners and leisure site managers should note that the responsibility of asbestos management on site falls to the business owner and/or site manage themselves. This means that it is your responsibility to book asbestos surveys and keep on top of asbestos management, including asbestos removal in your hotel.

What to do next?

If you own or manage a hotel or leisure site in the South East of England, then our team can help. Get in touch to book an initial assessment and survey of your property, whereby we will be able to advise on the presence of asbestos and our recommended plan for management and/or removal.

Working across domestic properties and commercial buildings, asbestos surveys in hotels are just one part of our work with clients across the South East – so reach out to us today to discuss any project big or small.