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Asbestos Surveys In Chelmsford

A short train ride from London, and with excellent connections to the surrounding towns, villages, and countryside of Essex, Chelmsford is a central location from which to offer our asbestos surveys and removal services.

Do you need a survey?

With Chelmsford one of Essex’s most prominent cities, development is rife both within the boundaries of the city and in the surrounding rural areas – with developers working on everything from demolitions to renovations, extensions, and new builds. And while modern building standards are high and materials are among the safest in construction history, formerly popular materials such as asbestos are still rife among old properties – making 21st century building work a sometimes complex process to manage. That’s where our asbestos surveys in Chelmsford come in, giving developers and property owners the peace of mind that any asbestos in their building is contained and safe, or alternatively providing them with a management plan to monitor and remove the harmful material completely.
Asbestos Surveys In Essex

How our asbestos surveys work

Following receipt of your enquiry, one of our consultants will be with you as soon as possible to conduct a survey of your property and to assess the presence of any asbestos.

We operate under two main survey types:

  1. An asbestos management survey, which is generally conducted on a property which is inhabited or soon to be inhabited, and which identifies, checks, and assess the stability of asbestos in the building. In most properties the generic use of asbestos is found in the walls and roof insulation, and around pipework due to its intense insulating properties – with the structural stability of the material a big factor in its safety. If the asbestos is found to be unsafe, that is if it is broken and fibres are escaping into the air, then you may be moved to an asbestos demolition or removal service.
  2. Asbestos renovation or demolition survey, which is the go-to survey for those seeking renovation or building work and who need to ensure that any asbestos is safely removed prior to commencing work on the property. A building must be vacant in order to undergo this type of survey work.

The benefits of our asbestos surveys

Most people are aware of the potential dangers of asbestos, but many do not realise just how common the material is across both residential and commercial buildings. As a core material used in the construction for decades prior to being banned in the 1990s, any building which was constructed prior to this cut-off is subject to and may contain asbestos and should have a survey completed to identify any presence of the material. From there, the consultant will provide you with a detailed plan which lays out the recommended next steps; whether they be immediate removal or ongoing monitoring of the material.

As well as this detailed and comprehensive survey report, those who book one of our asbestos surveys in Chelmsford will benefit from the expertise of our team and will receive the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what lies behind the walls of your property.

What do I do next?

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