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Asbestos Surveys In Enfield

A borough in North London, when it comes to construction and property in Enfield, the blend of old and new makes this an area where asbestos surveys can mean the difference between a safe and a hazardous home for your family. A building material which was once rife in the construction industry, asbestos has been banned as a substance in properties and new buildings since 2000 – however, it is still being found, identified, and removed from older properties and buildings on a regular basis. If your property was built prior to the 1990s, and if you’re concerned about the presence of asbestos, you are eligible for one of our surveys.

What is an asbestos survey?

With our team operating across Enfield and other parts of London, as well as into the home counties in the South East, our asbestos surveys offer a comprehensive look at the construction of your property or building – first identifying the presence of any asbestos and then establishing its structure and stability. If asbestos present is intact and shows no signs of weakness, then it may be that our survey is signed off and you are advised to book a follow up appointment at a future date. This is because asbestos, when intact, is harmless – it is the particles which are released into the air when the material is broken, which pose a health risk to humans.
Asbestos Surveys In Essex
If asbestos is discovered and is deemed unstable or unsafe, then we will proceed with our asbestos removal Enfield service – giving you the peace of mind that the material has been removed and disposed of safely. Property owners should note that if your survey highlights the need for asbestos removal, the chances are that you will need to vacate the property during removal. In addition, if the property is being surveyed for demolition, then it is crucial that nobody enters or resides in the property while the material is being dealt with. You do not have to have evidence or even the assurance that asbestos is present in your home in order to book and have a survey carried out. The aim of our surveys is to give homeowners peace of mind as to the stability and safety of their homes – whether asbestos is found or not.

Book an asbestos survey in Enfield

If you live in Enfield or one of the surrounding areas in London and want to ensure the regulatory and health and safety status of your property, get in touch and let one of our consultants visit for a comprehensive survey today.

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