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Asbestos Surveys In London

Once a popular and commonly used building material due to its insulating properties, asbestos has been banned inside UK borders since the 1990’s with asbestos management and asbestos removal a crucial service that must be undertaken by a professional company.

Before you can secure the right management or removal company, you need to know the scale of asbestos which is present in a home or building – and that’s where our asbestos surveys in London come in.

What is an asbestos survey?

Based in London and the surrounding Southeast counties, our team provide detailed and comprehensive surveys in the areas of asbestos management, asbestos testing and asbestos removal. The first survey type is an asbestos management survey, which involves identifying, locating and assessing asbestos to ascertain its condition. This survey tends to be recommended for those who are inhabiting a building where asbestos levels are high, to determine whether occupation will disturb the asbestos and/or release the fibres which can then be breathed in and cause debilitating health problems. The second survey is an asbestos refurbishment or demolition survey, which locates asbestos and ensures it is thoroughly removed prior to any major work being done to a property. This type of survey cannot be carried out in an inhabited part of the property due to the health risks.
Asbestos Surveys In Essex

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Do I need an asbestos survey?

If you live in London, you will not have escaped the increase in building, renovation and extension work which is being carried out across residential and commercial properties throughout the city and beyond. While working with old and traditional structures carries its benefits, the high chance of asbestos being present in any building which was constructed prior to 2000 means that surveys are required prior to the commencement of any major work on a building.

And it’s not just renovators and redecorators who need to be concerned about asbestos. Our asbestos surveys across London are advised for anyone who purchases a new home or who takes on a new commercial lease for their business – with our team able to give you a comprehensive understanding as to the state of any remaining asbestos in the property, and your options going forward.

An asbestos survey gives you:

  • Safer surroundings
  • Peace of mind
  • A detailed breakdown of the options for management or removal

It is crucial that homeowners and business owners never attempt a DIY asbestos removal, and that you engage the services of a professional company every step of the way.

What do I do next?

Here at South East Asbestos Surveys, we are specialists in completing and delivering the surveys that give you a well-rounded view of your home and the work that may be required to bring it up to scratch. We can then offer you impartial advice as to the best next steps using the results of our surveys, whether that’s asbestos removal or management and remediation.

If you suspect that asbestos may be present in your home or business, and want to give yourself both the peace of mind of knowing that harmful materials are being managed correctly, and the knowledge that your building falls within the public health guidelines, please get in touch today for a full and detailed survey.

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