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Why are Lead Paint Inspections so Important?

Here at South East Asbestos Surveys, we deal with household substances and materials that, while once popular and commonly used, are now deemed to be dangerous for your family’s health and wellbeing. One of these is lead paint – a product which was once extremely popular for its fast drying but fresh aesthetic and for the fact that it is considered one of the more durable types of paint. However, since the early 1900s, reports have suggested the potential dangers and hazards associated with lead paint, with the UK being one of a few countries which have prohibited its use.

With that in mind, why are lead paint surveys still so important today, particularly if the dangers of the material were starting to be recognised and reported over 100 years ago?

The dangers of lead paint

The importance of modern day lead paint inspections lies in the simple fact that properties that were built and decorated before the dangers were cited and commonly shared are likely to still contain traces if not full walls of lead paint. Not only that but items and toys coated with lead paint are still very much in circulation – and it is this which causes one of the biggest problems among consumers.

Exposure to lead paint is damaging to the health and can even be fatal in extreme cases, with lead paint linked to nervous system damage, stunted growth, kidney damage, and reproductive problems. But because lead paint is known to taste sweet, particularly when it is used to colour toys and household items, children are known to put such items in their mouth – enjoying the sweet taste with no idea as to the harm being caused.

As such, lead paint inspections are important because they highlight and assess the presence of lead paint in and throughout houses and other interior spaces – identifying any lead paint which may be present and culminating in a report which outlines the next steps in terms of removing the evidence of lead paint or continuing with monitoring and safety management.

Keep reading for a brief guide on lead paint inspections and what they involve.

What is a lead paint inspection?

A lead paint inspection must be performed by a certified inspector, who can safely and effectively identify the presence of lead paint and determine the best course of action for the homeowner or property manager.

We tend to recommend lead paint inspections to those who are considering buying, renovating, or who live in properties that were built and decorated before the 1970s as before this period is when lead paint is likely to be present or found, with the subsequent reports then providing information as to where the substance is and where abatement (complete removal) or sustained management is the best option moving forward.

Here at South East Asbestos, we offer lead paint inspections as one of our core services, with the team able to advise on whether you need a lead paint survey and what to do with the results of your survey and report.

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