Asbestos Home Survey & Removal

Asbestos, once a commonly used and accessible material in the construction industry, is now public enemy number one when it comes to safe and stable housing. Linked to a number of debilitating diseases and health ailments, the research and understanding around the harmful side effects of exposure to asbestos in homes mean that surveys and removal services are now part and parcel of daily life – especially for those who live in and own buildings which were built before 2000.

Here at South East Asbestos, we offer a range of services including both domestic and commercial building surveys, and compiling reports which outline the need for ongoing management or immediate removal. With our team conducting follow-up asbestos management surveys and removal services, no matter what the status of your property we can help to ensure that any identified asbestos is dealt with efficiently and effectively.

Do you need a house asbestos survey?

Here’s how to know for sure:

With so much emphasis on the dangers of asbestos for those who come into contact with or unwittingly breathe its particles in, it’s important to ensure that, if asbestos is a possibility in your property, you book a residential asbestos survey sooner rather than later.

Some of the signs to look for which will help you to understand the need for an asbestos survey include the age of the property and its approach to insulation – with housing built before 2000 typically concealing some form of asbestos in the insulation or roofing structure.

Still not sure? The team at South East Asbestos can offer hands-on advice and consultation which sees us visit your property or home and go from there, either progressing your case with a full survey or giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your home is not hiding any asbestos-related secrets.

The survey and removal process for home asbestos 

The first stage of any domestic asbestos survey includes a site visit, during which we will look for the common signs of asbestos use and identify any asbestos which is present in the structure of the fabric of your house or property.

From there, we will assess the stability of that asbestos. Any material which is found to be breaking down or vulnerable in terms of its structure will be highlighted for immediate removal.

Asbestos which is found to be intact and protected will likely be left, with regular checks and management recommended keeping an eye on the material. This management service is something that we offer and can be discussed directly upon receipt of your report.

What to do next?

If asbestos is found which requires removal, we will request that the property is vacated and that only trained professionals are allowed onsite. The asbestos will be moistened to minimise the risk of dust particles entering the airflow of the space, and removed in full before being disposed of safely. We will then do a full sweep of the area with a powerful vacuum to ensure every trace of the material is removed.

If you think your property requires an asbestos survey and potential removal, don’t delay. Get in touch with us now, and let our experts take over.