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Asbestos Surveys In Norfolk

Life in Norfolk is characterised by the blend of old and new – with older properties and traditional structures enhanced and complemented by the infusion of modern buildings and features. With so much diversity in the property market, knowing what to look for when buying a property or home in Norfolk is key – with safety and structural integrity as important as aesthetic design and appearance.

That’s where management surveys come in – with our asbestos surveys in Norfolk a key part of ensuring that the property you are buying, selling, or renovating is fit for purpose and safe to use.

What is an asbestos survey?

Asbestos, once a core building material, has now been banned across Norfolk and the UK due to its links with serious and life changing medical conditions. Ever since the 1990s when the material was banned in the construction and insultation of new properties and buildings, asbestos management surveys have become an integral part of structural surveillance and renovation projects – with homeowners and commercial property owners needing to showcase a commitment to ensuring the safe removal or management of present asbestos. Based in Norfolk and the surrounding Southeast counties, our team are primed to complete both types of asbestos survey across the county and further afield, as well as safe asbestos removal where necessary.

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The different types of asbestos survey

From renovation work to purchasing a new property, an asbestos survey allows you to identify, isolate, and manage the presence of any asbestos across the structure of the building – with our team ascertaining whether the asbestos is safe to leave and monitor on a regular basis, or needs to be removed.

The two main surveys that we offer are:

  1. An asbestos management survey, which involves locating and assessing asbestos to understand the condition it’s in. This tends to be the recommended first level survey for those inhabiting a building where asbestos levels are high, as it allows us to determine whether occupation and use of the building will disturb or release the asbestos fibres.
  2. An asbestos refurbishment or demolition survey, which locates and ensures that asbestos is thoroughly removed by professionals. This survey is required by anyone undertaking renovation work on a property and cannot be carried on in an inhabited area of a property.
If you think there is asbestos present in your property, whether it’s residential or commercial, or if you know that the property was built during the asbestos boom prior to the 1990s, our team in Norfolk can perform a skilled asbestos survey and ensure that you understand both the implications and necessary next steps to manage any asbestos that is found. For more information, get in touch with our team in Norfolk today.

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