Asbestos Surveys and Removal for Schools and Educational Facilities

As a construction material that was used extensively in the mid to late 1900’s, specifically the 1950’s through to the 1980’s, a great many schools and educational facilities across the South East still have asbestos built into the very fabric of their buildings and structures. That’s why, here at South East Asbestos Surveys, we work with schools throughout the area to both identify and assess the presence of asbestos, conducting thorough removal services where the material is found.

Asbestos in schools can lead to serious problems if left untreated, due to the health implications and health and safety risks linked to the material. A comprehensive inspection will culminate in a report, designed to disclose whether the asbestos can be left in situ or requires complete removal – with our team trained in providing both regular maintenance checks a full removal service. Here’s a little more about how we work with schools and educational facilities to ensure optimum health and safety for students, teachers, and the wider school community.

The risk of asbestos in schools

School buildings are often undergoing works during the holidays, and it is during these renovation phases that asbestos surveyors are often called in to identify the presence of, and assess the stability of, asbestos materials. It is important for schools to understand that the duty and responsibility of booking such surveys and managing the presence of asbestos falls on the school’s own head of maintenance and repairs. In undertaking this responsibility, the individual or team in charge of asbestos building management must ensure that all relevant parties are aware of the location and stability of asbestos in the building, with our team able to provide follow-up inspections to ensure that any asbestos left in situ does not disintegrate further. If it does, we engage the services of our asbestos removal team.

Asbestos removal in schools and how we work

If the presence of asbestos in a school or educational facility is deemed to be dangerous or unstable, the job will be upgraded to a full removal service. This means closing part or all the school for a period of time, to allow our team to safely and effectively remove the asbestos – ensuring that it does not spread and contaminate any further areas of the building or site.

It is integral that this removal is undertaken by a professional and trained company rather than by on-site maintenance staff, as any damage caused to the asbestos during removal can lead to debilitating health concerns for all those involved and can contradict the laws around asbestos management and removal as laid out by the 1974 Health & Safety at Work act.

Concerned about the presence of asbestos in your school or educational facility?

You do not need to have proof that asbestos is present, to book a survey or inspection. If your building was constructed at the height of the time when asbestos was used in construction, or you believe the building may have asbestos lying within its fabric and structure, our team are here to help, advise, and keep your whole school community safe. Reach out to us directly to book an initial consultation and site visit, where we will be able to advise on the next steps required.