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Asbestos Surveys In Kent

Operating across both the town centres and rural landscapes of Kent, our asbestos surveys and removals team work with buildings of all shapes and sizes – identifying, testing, and managing the presence of asbestos.

Once a popular and frequently used building material, heralded for its insulating properties, asbestos has been banned in the UK since 2000 – making older properties and those constructed before 2000 the most high-risk across Kent and beyond. Today, our team move across the county delivering survey work to commercial and private property owners to help deliver peace of mind and support in managing or removing asbestos completely.

How our asbestos surveys in Kent work

When you get in touch with our team of asbestos surveyors, a consultant will be in touch to assess and create a management plan for your property. As part of our work across Kent, we deliver two core survey service types to property owners:

  1. Asbestos management survey – to establish the presence and stability of any asbestos
  2. Refurbishment/demolition survey – required by HSE regulations before any destructive work commences on an older property
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The former is generally followed up by a management plan which involves annual checks (a legal requirement on commercial properties and highly recommended for private residences), while the latter survey is followed by asbestos removal on a vacant property before work can begin. In some cases, we will find no asbestos present at all, which frees the property owner up to proceed with any desired work or construction changes, without further assessment or management.

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Do I need an asbestos survey?

Asbestos is often concealed inside walls or roof tiles, which can make it hard to identify. It is most dangerous when unstable and broken down into small fibres, as these then become airborne and – when breathed in – can cause debilitating health conditions for those in the surrounding area or within the building. When unbroken and stable asbestos is found in a property, we will often provide a comprehensive management report which includes regular checks to ensure that the asbestos remains undisturbed and dormant. There are a few indicators that an asbestos survey may be required, however it is important to recognise that you do not need proof of asbestos to get in touch and book an asbestos survey in Kent. Our job is to first identify, then proceed with understanding the stability of and managing the presence of any asbestos found.
Every survey presents its own reports and findings, so any concerns should be raised directly with your consultant or survey team. Some of the things to look out for which may indicate the presence of asbestos are: The property was built before 2000 You have purchased a new property and want to make structural changes You are looking to renovate or refurbish a commercial property If you tick any or all of the boxes above, get in touch with our team in Kent to book your survey and proceed with your desired works safely and within regulations.

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