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Asbestos Surveys In Chelsea

Period properties are a staple in the landscape of Chelsea, with renovation work constantly being done to maintain authentic exteriors and update the interiors of both residential and commercial spaces across the central London district. Known for its elegant surroundings and proximity to central London, Chelsea is a prime location for those looking to benefit from London’s mix of old and new – but for those purchasing older properties, there are often more things to think about and be aware of than aesthetic details and decorative features.

If you live in or are purchasing a property which was built prior to 2000, then there is a high chance that asbestos may have been a key material used in the construction process. Now, as per regulations, you are advised to book an asbestos survey in Chelsea to identify the presence of the material and uncover the ideal plan moving forward, to ensure the safety of your family and your home. So, what does the survey involve?

Understanding asbestos surveys

When you reach out to the team and ask for an asbestos survey, we will have a consultant with you within a single working day. From there, we will be able to build a report which outlines whether asbestos is present, and which shares information on its stability and status in the property – i.e. whether it is intact or has been damaged. This is crucial because intact asbestos is relatively harmless, while material which has been broken could be brushing harmful microfibres into the air which, when breathed in, can be extremely hazardous to humans. From there, we will continue under an asbestos management survey or an asbestos removal survey and service.
Asbestos Surveys In Essex
The asbestos management survey provides you with information on how to manage and protect the stability of asbestos in your property – generally with advice to book future and regular surveys to continue to monitor the substance. If the asbestos need to be removed, then our team will take full control over the removal and disposal of the substance, leaving your home clear and safe. If you are a commercial or residential property owner and are looking to undertake constriction work, you will need to secure and complete an asbestos demolition and renovation survey as per regulations. This survey allows any asbestos to be removed before work is commenced on the structure of the building, to ensure the safety of site workers and residents.

Do I need an asbestos survey in Chelsea?

You do not have to have evidence of asbestos to get in touch with us or to secure a consultation and survey. Operating across Chelsea, the rest of London, and the South East beyond, we work with clients and customers across all property types – giving them the reassurance and peace of mind of knowing their home is safe from hazardous substances, and that if asbestos is present then it is being fully monitored.

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