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Asbestos Surveys In Finsbury

A district within central London, Finsbury borders the city and financial district – with architecture which combines cultural significance with modern design, and which sees glass structures integrated with older buildings for a hybrid blend of old and new.

While such properties and buildings are immensely popular across London, when it comes to health and safety there are a number of things that homeowners and property owners need to be aware of – specifically the presence of asbestos in those structures and foundations which were built prior to 2000.

The importance of being vigilant in the face of asbestos

With so much development work going on in and around London on a near-constant basis, it can be easy for property owners to overlook the fact that the basic construction of their building is much older than many of the renovations and components. And while age can bring a plethora of characterising features to a property, it can also bring obstacles – namely the potential presence of asbestos which was once a commonly used and popular material in construction. Ever since 2000, asbestos has been banned in building work of all grades and types, due to its direct link with health conditions and respiratory issues when inhaled. The potency of the health risk is elevated when the asbestos substance is broken down – meaning that a major part of our asbestos surveys deal in assessing the quality and stability of asbestos and whether it poses an immediate and direct health risk. We undertake this assessment as one of two main surveys.
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Our asbestos surveys

Working across Finsbury and in the surrounding districts of central London, here at South East Asbestos Surveys we offer two main surveys to our clients and customers:

  1. Asbestos management survey – which sees us enter an occupied building (office block, house, or other property) and look to identify any asbestos which may be present. If we find asbestos, we then assess its structural stability and create a report outlining the ideal next steps – from removal to long term management and regular retesting.
  2. Asbestos removal service – which is when the management survey is escalated by the need to remove asbestos from a property. This survey type is also required for those undertaking renovation or demolition work, to prevent asbestos from being broken up and removed without the property safety precautions in place.

Booking your asbestos survey in Finsbury

If you live in a property or own a building which was constructed prior to 2000, and you believe there may be asbestos present in the structure of the building, we recommend that you get in touch with our team to arrange an initial consultation and survey. You do not have to show proof of asbestos to book a survey – a member of our team will be with you as soon as possible to guide you through the next steps.

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