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Asbestos Surveys In Hounslow

A suburban district in Western central London, Hounslow is renowned for its grand townhouses and terraced properties, which are becoming increasingly matched with new builds and development opportunities to keep up with demand.

Because of this, there is a real focus at the moment on updating and upgrading the existing infrastructure of properties which have been standing for the last few decades – and while renovation and even demolition work in Hounslow is rife, our work focuses on the importance of establishing safety procedures before work can begin. Our demolition and renovation surveys are just some of the services that we offer to property owners in and across Hounslow, with asbestos management surveys and removal services also a core part of our work with clients and customers.

The importance of securing an asbestos survey

When you reach out to the team at South East Asbestos Surveys, you do not need to have evidence or even certainty that asbestos is present in the property. Upon receipt of your enquiry, one of our consultants will be with you on site within a single working day and will compile a report which provides comprehensive information regarding the presence and stability of any asbestos in the building. If you are looking to move onto demolition or renovation work, then you will need a demolition and renovation survey – completed with full removal of the asbestos before work can begin.
Asbestos Surveys In Essex

If asbestos is found in the property but it is considered to be low risk – stable and intact – then you may be given an asbestos management plan which outlines the need for regular monitoring by a professional, and lets you know exactly what is present and where. All of our surveys are conducted to a high standard, in line with HSE regulations, and are completed by our team of professionals.

When intact and undamaged, asbestos is a relatively harmless substance. Once a core construction tool used in insulation and in building out walls and roofing structures among other parts of the building trade, once the health hazards of asbestos were discovered it was banned from the construction industry in the 1990s.

Since then, asbestos surveys have become a regular part of homeownership – with the main aim being to isolate any of the substance and identify if it is causing a problem to the air surrounding it. If it is, and the results are considered potentially harmful, we will proceed with a full removal service.

Do I need to worry?

If you’re worried about asbestos and want to book a survey in Hounslow for the benefit of peace of mind and safety in your home or property, get in touch with us today.

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