5 construction site health and safety risks

There are many health and safety risks when working on or managing a construction site. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 health and safety risks on construction sites.

1. Asbestos Management

Asbestos is a very dangerous substance and must be handled correctly. Due to asbestos being an extremely hazardous material, it is important that before beginning construction work an asbestos survey is carried out by a qualified surveyor. If asbestos is found at your construction site, the correct procedures must be followed whilst it is being removed, this includes proper disposal. For further information on asbestos surveys, contact our team.

2. Electricity 

Electrocution is another big health and safety risk at construction sites, especially with live wires around. It is important to ensure your workforce is trained in electrical safety to keep themselves and their colleagues safe. There are several options for how to train your workforce, including online courses, a great option for any construction companies with a workforce in different sites.

3. Noise

Whilst noise is not always considered a hazard, on a construction site it must be. With lots of loud repetitive noises on site every day, it is vital that staff members are taking the correct precautions to protect their hearing. Depending on the level of noise, you may need to provide your team with noise defenders or other PPE to protect their hearing.

4. Working at height 

On a construction site, there are going to be many times during the constructions process that workers are required to work at height. You should make sure that any workers working at height have been given the correct training and safety equipment such as harnesses to avoid injury. There are lots of training resources available to utilise to ensure your workforce are safe no matter what height they are working at. 

5. Moving objects

There are always lots of heavy, moving objections on construction sites, from materials to vehicles. Whilst you can take some precautions to reduce injury caused by moving objects, it is the responsibility of your workers to be aware of who and what is around them when moving around a site. 

Read further information on construction site hazards, or contact us to discuss an asbestos survey or management plan.