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Asbestos Surveys In Highbury

Known for its expensive properties, boutique shops, and well-kept streets, Highbury is the epitome of high end London living – but behind the elegant façade of its townhouses and architectural structures our team work behind the scenes to uncover and assess the presence of asbestos.

A harmful substance which was once popular in the construction industry, over the last 20+ years asbestos has been banned in the use of construction and building work due to its direct link with serious health concerns and respiratory issues. Nevertheless, because asbestos was once so widely used in insulation across properties of all shapes and sizes in London and beyond, the scale of the problem continues to grow – with our asbestos surveys in Highbury designed to offer both peace and mind and the health and safety check that you and your property need. Keep reading for more on what our surveys do and how to know if you need one.

How does an asbestos survey work?

An asbestos survey starts with a formal consultation, during which a member of our expert team will visit your property and determine the likelihood of asbestos being found. From there, in most cases we then proceed to conduct an asbestos management survey, during which we will identify the presence of asbestos and assess it structural stability to better understand whether or not it poses a direct and immediate health risk. A report will be presented which either recommends an asbestos removal service, or which dictates the need for ongoing management and regular assessment.

The second type of asbestos survey that we offer is a removal survey and subsequent service. This service is required for all those undertaking demolition or renovation work, as it enables us to enter the property and safely remove and dispose of all asbestos.

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How do I know if I need an asbestos survey?

First thing’s first, our team are here to help and can advise you on the need for an asbestos survey regardless of the status of your property and its age. While the presence of asbestos is unlikely in newer houses, if in doubt then please don’t hesitate to reach out and speak to a member of our team. If your property was built prior to 2000, which is when the ban on asbestos first came into play, then we recommend that you have an asbestos survey carried out for both the safety of your property and for your own peace of mind. It is also recommended that you have a survey carried out on any property that you are considering buying, and prior to any renovation work which could displace or affect the structure of hidden asbestos. To discuss our asbestos surveys in Highbury, get in touch today.

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